Iranian Hackers Accused of Attack on U.K. Parliament

In the last day we have seen that UK government has accused Iranian hackers of attacking the email system of U.K. Parliament. Although this has not been confirmed yet by either side, if it is proved, it shows two things: one: the U.K. Parlament had weak security for its email system, because the news reports in the British newspapers say that “those whose emails were compromised had used weak passwords”; and two: Iranian hackers are very skilled and getting more skilled to be able to do this type of attack. One minister Laim Fox said that this was a warning to everybody to improve their cyber security. 

As we know, Iranian hackers for a long time have been improving their skills in hacking and this website has published many reports showing how Iranians can successfully attack difficult targets. Of course this latest news has had a big impact online and many news outlets have picked up the story. Of course we do not know why the attack was done but the history of relationship between Iran and U.K. is complicated and has had many problems. However, Iranian hackers should be careful not to cause problems for its government when the government is trying to have positive relationship with the world.

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