Iran Cyber Security Company: Registration for 1st CTF Open Now

Iran Cyber Security Group has relaunched recently as a registered and official company – Iran Cyber Security Company. Between its first activities is the holding of its first Capture the Flag (CTF) competition. You can see full details at, but some details are below.

“The first cycle of Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions of Iran Cyber Security Company will be held with the purpose of making etiquettes, raising awareness, knowledge and skills in terms of the security of information exchange. Besides, In order to evaluate the capabilities and specialized potentials in the field of information exchange security, these competitions can provide a great opportunity for the teams and people involved in this field. In Iran Cyber Co competition. tends to grant three invaluable awards to the first three people (teams) and do its part in raising security knowledge in cyber space.

The challenges in CTF competition are as follow:
* Web Hacking
* Cryptography
* Forensics
* PWN and exploit
* Combined questions

Registration will begin on August 23, 2017.

The first competition of CTF is a one-stage and worldwide competition; it is held within 48 hours starting on Monday at 10AM in 9 October /2017 and it lasts until Wednesday at 10 AM in 11 October/2017.

The awards are as follow:
* The first place: 10 million Iranian Rials or its equivalent to bitcoin
* The second place: 7.5 million Iranian Rials or its equivalent to bitcoin
* The third place: 3.5 million Iranian Rials or its equivalent to bitcoin”

If you have questions you should email [email protected].  

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