Danger Security Team Attack USA Government

Iranian hacking team Danger Security Team member King.Ade75 is make deface of USA Government web sites:

  • Argonne National Laboratory
  • NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Argonne National Laboratory

Domain: www.mcs.anl.gov -Argonne National Laboratory Mathematics & Computer Science section-
About: Argonne is a multidisciplinary science and engineering research center, where “dream teams” of world-class researchers work alongside experts from industry, academia and other government laboratories to address vital national challenges in clean energy, environment, technology and national security Is based about Chicago USA

Link is here

NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory

Domain: www.esrl.noaa.gov -NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory-
About: ESRL was formed to pursue a broad and comprehensive understanding of the Earth system This system comprises many physical, chemical and biological processes that need to be dynamically integrated to better predict their behavior over scales from local to global and periods of minutes to millennia
At ESRL we are working toward a greater stewardship of the Earth through a number of themes aimed at understanding the Earth system processes and changes.

Mirror: http://xssed.ir/mirror/1191.html
Link is here

Deface for both domains is say:

Hacked by King.Ade75

Danger Security Team

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