Test Team/Demon Hacker Deface Iran Hacking Teams And Google

Iranian hacker Test Team have make deface of many upload web sites by add in images
Most deface appear to be make by Demon Hacker And is mirrored on Zone-deface.com -was blackcyberroot.com-

Shows defacement of various upload site includes several Iran hacking team web sites Google and immoral site:

Ashiyane: http://up.ashiyane.org/images/e9ex33b4dmdyoflw99ds.jpg
IEDB: http://up.iedb.ir/uploads/A.jpg
Black-HG.org: http://up.black-hg.org/uploads/A-1468620534-470.jpg
Termint: http://termint.org/up/uploads/A.jpg

Google: http://uploadgoogle.ir/uploads/1468678606211.jpg

Deface say: Y!D : [email protected]

Demon Hacker -Test- is also deface immoral pornography site here:


Deface is show:

Owned By MR.IMAN

Hello Men . We Are Iranian White Hat Hackers

We Are StreeT BaX

Please Patch System Security

Persian Golf Flag Of For Ever

MR.IMAN , 1TED , Reza Attacker , ..: Mr. x :..

See all other deface by Test Team here:


Test team

Is appear to include:

Demon Hacker
MR. IMAN (Guardiran Team)
StreeT BaX
And more…

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