Best Iranian Deface Teams

Mirror defacement site is show best defacers and deface teams out of top 200

Best Iranian deface teams and defacer hackers is show here:

Top teams

38:   GuardIran Team
73:   Zero Security Group
118: Persian-cyber Team -FasT_ReaCtoR-
138: IR
167: Iranonymous
199: MihanHack Security Team -EbRaHiM-VaKeR-

Result shows that best Iranian deface team is GuardIran Team is have position 38 out of 200

Top defacers

25:   Hacker Khan -Iranonymous-
38:   MR.IMAN -Guardiran Team-
75:   jok3r -Zero Security Group-
93:   N1F3r N1F3r
148: IR -N1F3r-
155: ll_azab_siyah_ll

Result show best position defacer is Hacker Khan -of team- as number 25 out of 200 defacers 

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