Apa Isfahan University of Technology Capture The Flag


The APA_IUTcert CTF -Capture the Flag- competition held by Isfahan University of Technology will start on 26 January 2017

The site to register/login for the CTF is here
The challenge categories -see here for full details – are:

  1. Web application hacking
  2. Cryptography
  3. Exploitation
  4. Secure coding
  5. Forensics
  6. Steganography
  7. Network hacking

There are also workshops for Linux, network penetration testing and web application testing.
See here for last year’s CTF writeups.

Sponsors for the CTF are :

  • Isfahan University
  • Iranian Society of Cryptology
  • MAHAR Center
  • Isfahan Science & Technology Town
  • Iranian IT Organization
  • Office of the Deputy for Science and Technology

Prizes are :

1st place : 2 million tomans
2nd place : 1.5 million tomans
3rd place : 1 million tomans

For more information about the Cyber festival, see here

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