Yaser Ebrahimi of Mafia Hacking Team Arrested

On 18 June 2016, the founding member of Mafia Hacking Team, Yaser Ebrahimi has been arrested by Organized Crime Investigation Center of Guardians of Islamic Revolution for crimes including hacking and defacement of 38 government websites. According to Gerdab, this man tried many times to warn to the government organizations about the holes in the security of their websites but that these did not pay attention to him. He attacked website of Documents Register Organization of Iran, Post Company of Iran and also some universities too. Organized Crime Investigation Center had warned to these organizations before about bad security of their websites but they had not acted.

Also it is interesting that Mr. Ebrahimi did not try to use the documents that he accessed because of his good ethics and morals. Spokesman of Organized Crime Investigation Center added that the security software of websites was not being updated and firewalls were not being used and also non-experts and not enough experts were working in these organizations. This attack by Mr. Ebrahimi will make the government organizations aware that they must use good security to stop attacks because Iranian hackers maybe have these good ethics and morals but maybe hackers from other countries do not have such ethics and morals.

Report from Gerdab: “Hacker of a Number of Government Sites Was Arrested”
Report from Gerdab: “Hacker of Government Sites Had Access to 3000 Legal Documents”

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