Irancell Database Loss Still Making Noise

Yesterday, Wednesday 20th July 2016, we saw that Iranian Parliament -Majles- is studying the case of leaked information of Irancell subscribers. As we know, data in question was leaked a long time ago, but nobody was arrested for this crime until earlier this month and this person is a 19 years old computer science student.

The Cyber Police of Iran -FATA- says that this man created a bot with the leaked data. But many hackers are now asking whether creating a bot is a crime, and asking why FATA was so quick to arrest the 19 year old who made the bot but nobody has been arrested yet for stealing the data from MTN Irancell originally.

Commander of FATA Hossein Ramazani tries to reassure MTN Irancell subscribers that the data used in this bot is old data and mainly for burnt sim cards and expired data but the question is not answered that creating bot cannot be a crime so why this innocent 19 year old student has been arrested but the criminal is still free? Other people are asking why MTN Irancell had so bad security anyway and why no actions has been taken against the bosses of this company.

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