Regin Malware Targets Iran

Regin is remote access Trojan -RAT- is able to take control of input devices capture user details monitor network traffic and gather information on processes and memory. The complex design provides flexibility to hackers as can load custom features for individual target.

Malware called “Regin” is multi-staged modular threat – it have many parts each dependent on others to perform attacks. Each of five stages is hidden and encrypted apart from first stage. The modular design is difficult to analyze as all components is needed to be available in order to understand Trojan.  

Among computers infected worldwide by Regin is:

  • 28% in Russia
  • 24% in Saudi Arabia
  • 9% each in Mexico and Ireland
  • 5% is in each of Iran India Afghanistan Belgium Austria and Pakistan.


  • Use and update antivirus software – Anti-virus softwares protect your computer against most known viruses. Is important to have your anti-virus softwares on latest version
  • Keep your operating system and application software on latest version – Install software patches so hackers can not take advantage of your system or vulnerabilities. Many operating system offer auto updating. 

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