Mass Deface By MiHaNHaCk Security TeaM

Hacker EbRaHiM-VaKeR Of MiHaNHaCk Security TeaM have made mass deface of web sites

Site ccTLD domains includes:

  • .RU -Russia-
  • .IL  -Israel-
  • .IN -India-
  • .UA -Ukraine-

See all deface by MihanHack Security Team here

This deface say:

Hacked By MiHaNHaCk Security TeaM
Your System Owned By EbRaHiM-VaKeR
We Are : Net.Root3r – EbRaHiM-VaKeR – Shahram 08 – Mamad Wanted – Arshia Danger – Azarakhsh …
No One Is Secure Everything Can Be Broken !
One day someone will walk into your life,and make you realize why it never worked with anyone else …

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