Iranonymous Mass Deface By Hacker Khan And Azab Siyah

Hackers of Turkey And Iran working as part of Anonymous hacking team– have made mass deface

Hackers is: Hacker Khan And ll_azab_siyah_ll

ll_azab_siyah_ll make deface of domains with TLD of .biz

Hacker Khan is make many deface of web sites hosted by Taiwan

All deface by Hacker Khan is here And here
All deface by ll_azab_siyah_ll is here And here

Deface is written as Turkish And say:

Long live Iranonymous!
In this life you either be a maker or a breaker
but whatever you choose be true to yourself

Deface thank hackers:

Mr.khatar – ll_azab_siyah_ll – Arshia Danger – OnE_ H4Ck3R – Shadmehr – Blacwolf_iran – MR. zarvan -B.D.H Happy Boy – Shooter – MaMaD_Malware – GHost_Hacker – Hidden_virus – Infernal – ViRus 32 -darkness hacker and other dear friends 🙂

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