IRGC Front Company Sahara Thunder Hacked by PRANA Network

Sahara Thunder hacked

On 4 February 2024, PRANA Network announced that they had successfully hacked the email servers of an IRGC front company called Sahara Thunder who are facilitating the illegal sale of weapons from Iran to Russia.


This data which is nearly 10Gb of files, includes contracts of multi million dollar deals, payments with gold bars, plans for UAVs (seen below), details of an agent in UAE called GENERATION TRADING FZE,  a company called ALABUGA, bank account details, factory layouts etc.


Drone schema MC236


We received this email yesterday showing the group had infiltrated Sahara Thunder’s emails.


email from Sahara Thunder account



PRANA Network later confirmed this was their work and that after stealing the data, they emailed Sahara Thunder’s customers, journalists and news agencies to inform them of the data leak and that the stolen data had been uploaded to for the whole world to see.


PRANA Network also confirmed that they deleted all emails from Sahara Thunder’s inbox as well as a list of contacts. They even went further and left a task to “Find your stolen data” and calendar appointments to “expect us”.


Find your stolen data

Sahara Thunder calendar


We are stilling going through all the data and will publish a more in depth report soon. If you can help let us know what you find by email [email protected]

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