IEDB Holds Gatherings Nationwide

In recent weeks and months users and friends of the hardworking IEDB team which has very active forum and Telegram group have suffered by the absence of the director of this team, Mr. Amir Moosavi, and they have missed him and his never-ending help to answer various kinds of questions from members of the team. But the absence of Mr. Moosavi, who is famous as one of the shiny talents of our nation’s cyber sector, has not been for no reason and in fact anybody who is proud to be Iranian should be honored by the reason for Mr. Moosavi’s temporary absence. According to a report in the IEDB forum in recent weeks and months Mr. Moosavi together with other managers and friends in IEDB has organized conferences and mitings and seminars with the subject of information security. The conference that recently was held successfully in Kashmar, Khorasan Razavi, and we are as a group that for years follows the developments in the country’s cyber sector proud because as far as I remember this is the first time that with fully observing the laws and coordination with the authorities somebody has taken so much trouble to increase the level of fellow Iranians’ knowledge in field of computer and information security. We thank God that in Iran there are people like Mr. Moosavi who are prepared to give so much time and money for their country. We hope soon to be able to go to one of IEDB conferences too. We thank everybody who worked to make this success and hope that maybe more will do the same.

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