Eagle Team

The Iranian Eagle Security Team security researchers is make exposed many SQLi and admin bypass web application vulnerabilities including:

  • Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd. Admin Page Bypass
  • Labdhi Business Solution Bypass Admin
  • Zarrafeh Sqli Vulnerability
  • Designed By DH Bypass Admin
  • Cityline Websites CMS Bypass
  • Spherica ADV SQL Injection
  • SEO Company Lahore Sql injection
  • Triangle Admin Page Bypass
  • Webloop Internet Bypass Admin
  • ITOR Software Bypass Admin

Bugs is discover by: MR_7KH4T And Mr Keeper

See details here and here of bugs found

Home: http://eagleteam.ir
Telegram: Telegram.me/Eagle_Security -@Eagle_Security-
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNwFVFcjF-jyTYIl68fIbyA
Contact: [email protected]

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