ICSG Attack z0n Domains & Show Danger Team Threat

Hackers from the Iranian Cyber Security GroupICSG– –Iran Cyber Team– have made deface of z0n.org And z0n.ir -defacement mirror web sites-

Deface is made by: MOHAMAD-NOFOZI & root3r

Deface show message by Nima Danger -Danger Security Team- :

As admin of Danger Team Nima Danger order team member to attack their enemies web sites And Danger Team members is concentrate attacks against target team web sites below:


Nima Danger say Danger Team members is to do penetration testing of such web sites And share details with others in Danger Team Nima Danger say if member is not active in such attacks they will be downgraded but they will be upgraded if they have success

Nima Danger is ordered Danger Team members to attack such sites within 10 days And wishes members success

Mohammad Nofozi of ICSG respond to message with deface of zon.org And z0n.ir And say to Nima Danger that ICSG is not children and is not scared of such threats

ICSG Team is:

| MOHAMAD-NOFOZI | root3r | JOK3R | Sir.h4m1d | WH!T3 W01F | 0day | Pi.HACK | 0x3a | MR.S4JJ4D |Nazanin Wild |Skitt3r | King k4li | L3gi0N | MoHaMaD-BlAcK | 0xDevil | MeT30 | Syber89 | You:) |

Domains affected is:

  • dl.z0n.ir
  • z0n.ir
  • z0n.org
  • defaced.z0n.org

Links is here:

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