Iranonymous Mass Deface By Hacker Khan And Azab Siyah

Hackers of Turkey And Iran working as part of Anonymous hacking team Iranonymousiranonymous.org– have made mass deface

Hackers is: Hacker Khan And ll_azab_siyah_ll

ll_azab_siyah_ll make deface of domains with TLD of .biz

Hacker Khan is make many deface of web sites hosted by Taiwan -.tw-

All deface by Hacker Khan is here And here
All deface by ll_azab_siyah_ll is here And here

Deface is written as Turkish And say:

Long live Iranonymous!
In this life you either be a maker or a breaker
but whatever you choose be true to yourself

Deface thank hackers:

Mr.khatar – ll_azab_siyah_ll – Arshia Danger – OnE_ H4Ck3R – Shadmehr – Blacwolf_iran – MR. zarvan -B.D.H Happy Boy – Shooter – MaMaD_Malware – GHost_Hacker – Hidden_virus – Infernal – ViRus 32 -darkness hacker and other dear friends 🙂

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