Top Iranian Web Bug Hunters

Iranian hackers and security researchers have find many web vulnerabilities of XSS and SQL Injection

XSS -Cross Site Scripting- is type of computer security vulnerability found in web applications enable attackers to inject client-sides script into web pages viewed by other users

SQLi -SQL injection- is code injection technique used to attack data application have malicious SQL statements is inserted into entry fields for executions to dump database content to attackers

Top 25 bug finders is shown here from XSSED :

  1. Amir
  2. Bl4ck M4n
  3. Ali Master
  4. Ashiyane Digital Security Team
  5. IeDb.Ir
  6. Madhu Akula
  7. Scapy
  8. IrIsT.Ir
  9. Mr.Time
  10. exe
  11. IsI
  12. cx
  13. StOp
  14. Persian Hack Team
  15. o0ps
  16. mehrdadkiller
  17. aliahmadi
  18. Shelesh Rauthan
  19. EbRaHiM-VaKeR
  20. linux
  21. OX
  22. sheytan azzam
  23. AlI_c.G2
  24. Black-Sec
  25. Joker Dark Knight


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