Reza Espargham Discover WinRAR SFX Remote Code Vuln

Iranian security researcher Mohammad Reza Espargham have discover vulnerability:

WinRAR SFX v5.21 – Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Remote code execution is where execute any commands of the attackers choice on remote target machine or in target processes

WinRAR have over 500 million user worldwide is most popular compression programs is best way to compress files securely and efficiently to help speed data transfer by email secure storage optimized files

Vulnerability allow remote attackers to unauthorized execute system specific code to compromise targets system

Issues is located in Text and Icon function of Text to display in SFX window module Remote attackers is able to generate own compressed archives with malicious payload to execute system specific codes for compromise Attackers saved in the SFX archive input malicious generated HTML code have effect of system specific code execution when target users or systems is processing to open the compressed archive

Security risk of code execution vulnerability have estimate as critical with CVSS -Common Vulnerability Scoring System- count of 9.2
Exploitation of code execution vulnerability require low user interaction with no privilege system or restricted users account result in system network or device compromise

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