NASA JPL & Iranian Universities Hacked

The Hacker named Black-Security of the IeDb– have hacked NASA and Iranian Universities:


Black-Security is find vulnerability in a site part of NASA which is the PODAAC

PODAAC is the Physical Oceanography Distributed Active Archive Center which is part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory within the California Institute of Technology -CIT-

Link to attack is here


Black-Security have also attacked the following Iranian Universities:

  • -Signal & Data Processing department- of the Research Center of Intelligent Signal Processing
  • -Iranian Journal of Information Processing and Management department of the Iranian Institute for Information Science and Technology -IRANDOC-
  • -Nanotechnology and Biotech department- of the University of Mazandaran-
  • -Institute For Advanced Medical Technologies school of Tehran University of Medical Sciences-

Black-Security is known as king alone. Contact: [email protected]

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