Milad Hacking Find WordPress Theme Reflected XSS

Hacker Milad Hacking Of FullSecurity Team have discover vulnerability:

WordPress Goodnews Themes Reflected Cross Site Scripting

XSS -Cross Site Scripting- is type of computer security vulnerability found in web applications enable attackers to inject client-sides script into web pages viewed by other users

Reflected XSS – is when input is returned by web applications have error message results or other responses include input provided by users part of requests without data made displayed in browsers is without permanently storing users data Also user provided data may never leave browser

Milad Hacking give special thanks to: iliya Norton – Milad Hacking – Mohamad Ghasemi – irhblackhat – Distr0watch – N3TC4T – Ac!D – Mr.G}{o$t -S4livan – MRS4JJ4D – SeCrEt_HaCkEr , Nazila Blackhat , Bl4ck_MohajeM , Xodiak , Ehsan Ice -Ehsan Hosseini (

Details is here
All bugs find by Milad Hacking is here


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