J0K3R Hack MIT University Cyber Security Web Site

Iranian hacker J0K3R have defaced USA MIT -Massachusetts Institute of Technology- University web site domain of: http://cybersecurity.mit.edu/

Deface is here: http://cybersecurity.mit.edu/sik.txt

Deface show:

:))))))))))) Cyber security :O ?

Hacked By JOK3R

Thanks : w4l3xzy3 , h4xorl1f3 , Holako ,SheyTan Azzam , Mohamad NOfozi , Root3r , Alireza promis , Mr Moein , Amir MArg bar , KARIM D And You !

J0K3R is part of Iranian hacking team: Iran-Cyber Teamwww.iran-cyber.org

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