Iranian Hackers Against Daesh

Iranian hackers is big part of anti-Daesh coalition which have recently seen Iran lead way in joint effort in direct fight against Daesh by intelligence share with other countries -Syria Russia Iraq- as recently announce in Baghdad as reported in The Shia Post here 

Iranian Hackers

Such anti-Daesh action by Iranian hackers is not new as the mass deface by FasT ReaCtoR in June 2015 show here: 


Iranian Hackers 2015 against Daesh is include many of ICNA friends:

Mr.Wike, Expl!T3r, Sheytan Azzam, TerrOrisT, JOK3R, King Cyber
aMIr_MarG_BaR, root3r, Mohammad Nofozi, Alireza promis, SMJ
Mr moein, Kamran Hallish, MR-R9T, AmIrGoRgIn, Federal, AlibalA
HITLER, THE KING, WH!T3 W01F, White Tiger, Q!, hacker irani
T3rY4K, Hot SaucE, XartoshT, ALONE DEATH, Mr.3IG4R, AR3S
Strange Hacker, Fire Fox, N1F3r, CLONER, Dead Shot, CYCLONER
Pr.Hidden, Mahan s2, Amo Sina, JoNe To, Editor08, Mr.ScOrpi0n
Sobhan Joker, Sheriff, Qmars, AR3S AND ALL OF IRANIAN HACKERS…!! 

Deface say:

Daesh Is Devil
Daesh Is Terrorist
Daesh Is Killer
Daesh Is Aggressive

Daesh Is Not Islam
Daesh I Not Popular
Daesh Is Not Human
Daesh Is Not Good 

See all like deface by FasT ReaCtoR here

Iranian hacker Peyman Siyahi have also previously show front against Daesh as show here

Ghost Security

The Iranian Information Technology Security News -ITSN- web site have talked of Daesh here where they mention reporting any Daesh internet sites to the Ghost Security hacker group. Ghost Security –  is highlight web sites and videos of Daesh and takedown such sites in battle against the Daesh and other groups

Iran Capable Of Defending Against Daesh Cyber Attacks

In October 2014 it was said cyber attacks against Iran is not as effective as according to Gholam Reza Jalali -head of Iranian Civil Defense Organization- “what is being said in the cyberspace about the ISIL -Daesh- threats is that they are more propaganda and aimed at creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation with no serious practical capability”

For specific threat from Daesh to Iran Jalali said “We are not faced with any specific threat in the West which could be described as to be serious”

Full details is here

Iranian Cartoons And Social Media Against Daesh

In May 2015 Iranian artists used power of Internet to create anti-Daesh cartoons -caricature- and use of social media to promote propaganda against Daesh on the web site Resist Art for prize of $1500 in the International Daesh Cartoon & Caricature Contest 2015

Idea was in offering awards for best caricature mocking the Daesh terror group as well as arrogant foreign leaders supporting Daesh Over 800 cartoons from 43 countries were received by the Iranian International Arts Festival Of Resistance with 280 final cartoons selected, see all caricature here

The contest was divided between two sections –cartoons and caricature– to expose evils of Daesh by caricature of Daesh leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

At the time event leader Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai told Iranian Press TV that “In order to reveal the true nature of the Islamic State -Daesh-, we decided to hold this contest and have people submit their cartoons or caricatures. The Islamic State tries to associate itself with Islam but in essence it has no idea about Islam” 


ICNA will report more on Iranian cyber activities against Daesh you can send us deface or other cyber news on Daesh you have here:

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