Iranian Black Hat Hackers Mass Deface Iran Sites

Hackers of the team Iranian Black Hat Hackers has make deface of many Iranian web site .IR domains include

Leader of the defaces is DR.IMAN or MR.IMAN -is also linked with Test Team And StreeT BaX

See here for full detail

Some of the deface is show:


[!]Iranian Black Hat Hackers Was Here[!]
[!]What’s This Fucking vulnerability?? Please Patch It[!]
*** i m here Laughing you better have a backup***

MR.IMAN is give thanks to other member of Iranian Black Hat Hackers:

  • s!r.hamid
  • c0d3!nj3ct10n
  • REX
  • Ahor4 M4st3r
  • jok3r
  • EBRaHiM VaKeR
  • firekernal
  • T3NZ0G4N
  • Mojtaba Mobham
  • Reza Attacker
  • 1TED
  • J.ALL_EditoR

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