ICSG Discover WP External Links XSS Bug

Iranian Cyber Security Group -ICSG- have find XSS bug in WordPress plugin:

WP External Links v1.80 – Cross Site Scripting

Details is here and here

XSS -Cross Site Scripting- is type of computer security vulnerability found in web applications enable attackers to inject client-sides script into web pages viewed by other users

Vulnerability is discover by Cr4sh.0x

Special Tnx To : NOFOZI , root3r , Sir.H4m1d , 0day , pi.hack , 0x3a, s4jj4d , whitewolf , jok3r , MoHaMaD-BlAcK ,l3gi0 n , mr.turk ,0xdevil & king_k4li

Other vulnerabilities find by ICSG is here

Iranian Cyber Security Group home: www.iran-cyber.net

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