FullSecurity Team Find WordPress Remote File Upload Bug

Iranian security researcher And hacker Milad Hacking of Full Security Team have find bug in WordPress:

WordPress Smallbiz Themes Remote File Uploads Vulnerability

Remote file upload vulnerability is vulnerability where applications use users input to fetch remote files from Internet server And store files locally File is then executed by attacker Is common type of vulnerability seen in WordPress

Details is here

All vulnerabilities find by Full Security is here

Milad Hacking thanks:

iliya Norton – Milad Hacking – Mohamad Ghasemi- irhblackhat – Distr0watch – N3TC4T – Ac!D – Mr.G}{o$t -S4livan – MRS4JJ4D – SeCrEt_HaCkEr – Nazila Blackhat -Bl4ck_MohajeM – Xodiak

Milad Hacking contact:

Telegram: https://telegram.me/thehacking
Home: http://FullSecurity.org
Email: [email protected]

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