Danger Security Team Hack Australian Government

Hackers from Danger Security Team -DST- have deface websites of the Australian Tasmanian Government domain tas.gov.au:

  • sharetheroad.tas.gov.au
  • www.saferroads.tas.gov.au
  • www.rsac.tas.gov.au
  • bussafety.transport.tas.gov.au

Deface is of Tasmanian transport sub-domains of main Tasman Government portal

Deface celebrate birthday of DST admin Nima Danger Deface say:

—==[|Hacked By Danger Security Team Members|]==—

Happy Birth Day Nima Danger
We Wish The Best For You And We Love You Always
Happy Birthday To Happy
On Behalf Of The All Members Of The Danger Security Team

DST home: http://danger-team.org/

Special deface by DST is here

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