Danger Security Team Deface Parsonline

Hacker King.Ade75 of Danger Security Team is make deface of TV domain of Parsonline.com

Domain: tv.parsonline.com
Hacker: -Danger Security Team-
Link: http://xssed.ir/mirror/1255.html
Mirror is here

Deface is say:

Hacked By King.Ade75

!I’m Back!

!This Is Only Small Part Of Danger Security Team And Iranian Cyber Ability!

!Who We Are? We Are Not Anonymous! We Are Danger Security Team!

!We Are: Nima Danger | Kamran_Hellish | Alireza Black Hat | Dr.Shadow | Append-HC | DR.ROOT |Kink.Ade75 And All Member Danger Security Team

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