Apadanasec Team

New Iranian hacking team Apadanasec Team have started in 1394 and provide information security methods and hacking training and penetration testing

Web site is: http://apadanasec.ir/

Team contact details is: [email protected]

Introduce Team member:

  • Trojan (Main admin)
  • naofai (admin)
  • DEATH LORD (Team deputy)

Team CTF

Over past few years some competition is in cyber security field have taken place under name of CTF -Capture The Flag- or similar names at national or international level
The aim of such competitions which is popular is to educate public regarding risk of cyber-space and show strengths and weaknesses of different systems and security softwares

Such competitions may have these topics:

  • General security
  • General news and topics
  • Penetration testing
  • Database security
  • Improving system security
  • Challenges related to cyber-crimes
  • Reverse engineering of encryption system

Apadanasec White Hat Hacking team is intent to stage similar online competitions with prizes for winning teams for above categories

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