Android Security and Forensic Science by LinX64

A good article by Iranian academic is important step forward for people to understand security risks and how to undertake basic forensics if their Android device gets hacked. Mohammad Rezania -LinX64- of Firuzabad Campus of Islamic Azad University in Iran, wrote this article to explain security considerations of Android OS and also ‘forensics’ so that readers of the article will be able to stop hackers accessing their Android devices and protect their data and information against hackers, security breaches and all this kind of things.

Mr. Rezania says very clearly in his article that the readers must not use the information in the article to break laws. It is possible to download the original article in Farsi from Exploit DB website here.

The article gives a short overview of reverse engineering tools, and mobile security and pen-testing tools. The article explains what is Android and the structure of it and its security model for checking permissions of different applications. The article explains very clearly and well what means ‘rooting’ an Android device and what its advantages and disadvantages are and how if a device is rooted it is easier for hackers to attack it. Then follows a helpful overview of ways to prevent loss of data.

We totally recommend this article for anybody interested in hacking and protecting against hacking Android devices. It is so good that we see Iranian academics and researchers are taking an interest in hacking beyond PCs.

You can contact Mr. Rezania here

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