Iranian Researcher Discover Telegram DoS

Iranian security researcher And programmer Mohammad Reza Espargham have discover Denial of Service -DoS- vulnerability in Telegram messaging application:

Vulnerability is with Input Length Handling and affect Telegram 3.2 on IOS 9.0.1 from Apple

Details is here: http://iedb.ir/exploits-3853.html


Linkedin : https://ir.linkedin.com/in/rezasp
E-Mail : [email protected] , [email protected]
Website : www.reza.es
Twitter : https://twitter.com/rezesp
FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/mohammadreza.espargham
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYxjQpaSsIkDTYpj5iqHXKw

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