4TT4CK3R Identifies Flaw in University of Tehran Website

Vulnerability researcher 4TT4CK3R discovered on 23 August a cross-ste scripting vulnerability on website of University of Tehran. He has informed UT of the vulnerability. Although the risk of any damage is small, we should be pleased that our country Iran has hackers that do work to find this vulnerabilities. The better and more secure the websites become, then Iran has a better reputation internationally and is not so likely to become victim of hackers from other countries.

4TT4CK3R has published this vulnerability on CXSecurity.com https://cxsecurity.com/issue/WLB-2017080157. You can check out 4TT4CK3R’s other work at his website graycoder.blog.ir (Persian) or graycoder.ir (English).

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