Persian Hack Team Find XSS Bug in Israel Software

Hackers from Persian Hack Team have discover XSS bug:

ASP Dynamika 2.5 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability

Software is from Israel -dynamika.co.il Web site is for tourists to Israel Egypt And Jordan-

XSS -Cross Site Scripting- is type of computer security vulnerability found in web applications enable attackers to inject client-sides script into web pages viewed by other users

Vulnerability detail is here: https://milw00rm.org/exploits/11850

Demo show on various Israel domains:

  • dynamika.co.il
  • 148.co.il
  • sc-haifa.org
  • kawkab.org.il
  • carmelite.org.il
  • fassuta.muni.il
  • ibllin.muni.il

Bug is discover By:

Mojtaba MobhaM –[email protected]
[email protected]

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